Jörg Rügemer’s scholarly field of inquiry is the creative scholarship to application, in which a holistic approach to architecture leads to carefully designed, highly energy-efficient and cost-effective architecture, where design is informed and high performance is achieved through research-based process. Within this process, he focuses on the integrated passive energy design of buildings, their construction, Post Occupancy monitoring and energy/cost analysis, which leads to cost-effective buildings that, by design only, perform 60-80% better than the code-standard building, thus operating as independent from fossil forms of energy as possible within the given task and scope of work requested by the client. Through strategic addition of lean technologies, these buildings can achieve Net-Zero performance.

As part of his research in the past years, Jörg analyzed design and construction processes in the professional field of architecture. Within this work, he has observed a lack of communication and understanding between architects, engineers, contractors, and other players involved in these processes. The avoidance of this conceptual split, which also occurs when applying a solely creative or purely scholarly approach to design and construction, allows him to fully apply his research findings towards well-designed and high performance buildings.