Atelier Jörg Rügemer


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Atelier Jörg Rügemer’s practice is driven by a holistic, conceptual, and sustainable approach, which is combined with experimental proceedings within the architectural activity. The intensive engagement with the genius loci – the specific location – obtains central meaning in every individual design tasks, creating buildings that are intimately connected to their local and regional context. Concepts of sustainability, the examination of the building program, functional integration, and the interior organization are incorporated in early work processes to ensure best possible results. In the dialogue between location, space, and the respective task with the client, specific and distinctive architectural solutions are developed, containing their own spatial identity.

Within this procedure, the use and understanding of the physical working model acts as a base of AJR’s design process philosophy. Using the model as a tool, each project is developed intensively and comprehensibly. The chosen method is supported by the employment of digital media, design technologies, and energy simulation, to an extend necessary for the best possible project outcome.

It is important to realize that AJR does not understand the design process as a linear procedure, starting with an initial idea, a sketch, the model, the further development in predetermined steps and a final presentation. Design process means a progress that moves back and forth between the different stages of development in order to receive an optimal result, an outcome that might not always been foreseen. Sustainability, construction, materiality, and the meaning of the detail play a dominant role within all processes at Atelier Jörg Rügemer.

Besides the traditional approach in architectural design, AJR is always interested in the investigation of new fields within the profession. AJR understands each project as an opportunity to rethink traditional concepts and approaches. The Atelier has developed projects that began to connect physical and virtual spaces, offering concepts for this specific field. AJR has also challenged the limits of sustainable design, especially with regard to cost-efficiency and buildability, developing results that stand out for their quality in architecture, space, indoor health and high performance.

Atelier Jörg Rügemer’s professional repertoire includes architectural and urban design, residential and commercial architecture, landscape architecture, design and interior architecture, and global networking. Aspects of sustainability and green technologies play an important, natural role in each architectural as well as urban project. The work of the Atelier has been published and exhibited worldwide. Jörg Rügemer is a registered architect in all states of the European Union; he is an Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects, AIA.